Science, technology and education
for biodiversity and sustainability

We are developing breakthrough ideas to overcome biodiversity crises, to find sustainable solutions for local communities and to raise environmental awareness through education.

Science and Research

Involving scientists and experts for investigation of conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems in Armenia.

Educational Tours and Camps

Combination of environmental education with promotion of healthy lifestyle and training survival in mountains by means of tours and camps in various wild ecoregions in Armenia.

Ecotourism Development

Design and implementation of ecotourism projects with construction of infrustructure for development of nature-friendly tourist attractions in remote areas of Armenia.

Strengthening of Community Social-Economic Infrastructures

Usage of technological innovative and sustainable methods for local community development in parallel with upscaling ecosystem restoration and using local natural resources for increasing population and community income and resources.

About Us

“Wonderlife” is national non-governing organization established in 2021. The cornerstone of our activities is promote the research and education in nature, development of a community-based eco-tourism infrastructure, involvement of youth in conservation activities, raising public environmental awareness.


President: Ani Geghamyan


Phone:+374 41 137776

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